Please let TRUE Transit staff know as soon as possible, but no later than two hours before your scheduled pick-up time. Less than a two-hour notice will be recorded as a no-show. Two no-shows during one month may result in a one-month suspension from service.


TRUE Transit will not operate during dangerous weather conditions which could threaten the safety of our passengers and drivers. If the service closes, it will be announced on local radio stations and posted on our website. We will make every effort to let scheduled riders aware of the cancellation and to return passengers home who had already been transported to a destination earlier in the day by TRUE Transit.


If you have not pre-paid for your ride, have exact cash or tokens ready. Drivers cannot make change.

Please be respectful to all on board.  Shoes, shirt and good personal hygiene are required. No profanity, fighting, harassment, horseplay or abuse. No eating, drinking, use of tobacco, E-Cigarettes, alcohol or drugs is permitted.